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Welcome to Puvanesvarar Management Consulting (PMC)

(+974) 5534 7727

Our Services


Contract Compliance

We help our clients to proof read their business contracts before signing to make sure the document is worded fairly for parties of the contract and its compliant in nature

Creation of Policy & Procedures

We facilitate our clients need in implementing policy and procedures for their organisation in all areas of operation for any industry.

Workers Welfare Standards

We help all companies to comply with strict requirement of authorities in maintaining high standards in implementing all aspects of Workers Welfare Standards.

Our Services


Sports Law Consultancy

We help clients to determine and implement :

1. Sports Law
2. Spectator Safety
3. Stadium Safety
4. Sponsorship
5. Anti Doping


Business Coaching

Knowledge Transfer of Know How

1. Burning Desire to do Business
2. Fear of Failure
3. 4 Bucket Principle
4. What business is the right business?
5. Am i fit to do business ?

Logistic & Supply Chain Training Certification

1. Contract Management - Essentials for Supply Chain
2. Incoterm, Shipping Import / Export & Documentation & Procedures and Export Incentives
3. Strategic Procurement, Negotiation Skills & Cost  Reduction Techniques


Self Help / Motivational Programs


Insurance / Takaful / Investment Linked

1. Professional advice.
2. Sales training
3. Contracts in detail
4. Ethics & compliance

We do not represent any insurance company or its products. Our advice is purely based on real insurance knowledge & concepts.

Medical Professionals Recruitment

Only UK branch is specializing in it.

1. Recruitment for the whole world
2. Just tell us your requirements

We have strong collaboration with subject matter experts in supply Chain. Logistics and Data Analysis